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What can GroupALoop be used for?

GroupALoop helps you learn new things, make new friends and even drive traffic to your site!
  1. Academic interest groups: Create a group for your academic speciality to connect with those around the world with a shared interest

  2. Music fan groups: You can share YouTube videos, pictures, links and all the news and views of your favourite band

  3. Company work groups: Create a group for your company and let staff create sub groups for projects and less formal communities of interest

  4. Local community groups: Organise people in a local area and keep them up to date on local news, events and new services

  5. Website newsletters: Let site visitors sign up to your group from your website and let them know about new site content and changes via the newsletter feature

  6. Customer engagement and retention programs: Keep your customers up to date with developments and new product releases via a newsletter, or let them connect with each other and form moderated or free-flowing communities around your brand

  7. University and high school student societies: Get a group for your school and let students create subgroups for all their different societies

  8. Political and social issues newsletters: Discuss, organise meetups and keep people informed about causes close to your heart

  9. Hobbyist communities: Share advice, news and meetup information about your hobbying passions

  10. Gamers groups: Swap cheats, tips, views and reviews of the latest games, consoles and peripherals

  11. A group for literally anything else that interests you!...

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