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Comparison: GroupALoop vs Yahoo Groups and Google Groups

GroupALoop Yahoo Groups Google Groups
Build and instant, automatic social network

Everyone gets a profile page, with links to other members of the same groups, helping you find others and others find you
Widgets to show your messages, groups & friends on other sites

You'll get some code to copy and paste into any webpage to give others a real-time display of your latest messages, groups and group friends
'Lurk' in groups without actually joning them

Lurking in groups means you keep the group in your group list, but do not appear as a member, or get email updates
Create unlimited subgroups within other groups

Subgroups let you benefit from the membership and traffic of an existing group, without having to start all over again
Add keyword tags to group descriptions

Using tags to describe your group adds it to the 'tag cloud' and helps others find and join your group
Stripped-down, no-nonsense design

Yahoo and Google make it difficult to manage more than a few group memberships at a time. We make it easy.
Invite friends to check out and join your groups

You can send as many email invites as you want to friends. Yahoo places a limit on invites. We don't.
Choice of discussion or announcment lists

Discussion lists let group members post their own messages; announcement lists let only group editors do this, like a newsletter
Group and profile privacy controls You can make a group completely private and also limit who gets to see your profile details

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